Teddy Bear Clinics

Jasmine DeBerry, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, there are many children around
the world and even in our communities that are raised by low income families
who have not been properly taught healthy behaviors and wellness. Since 2012,
FMU’s nursing department has been involved in a program called the Teddy Bear
Clinics. The Teddy Bear Clinics were designed as a partnership with the Pee Dee
Head Start Programs to provide children from low income families with hands-on
demonstrations as a means for promoting healthy behaviors. These are methods
for teaching young children how to do things such as when and how to brush
their teeth. This helps to lessen the fears of the children with health care
professionals and to improve the nursing skills of students moving to the
expert level. The Teddy Bear Clinics also provide cultural awareness and
sensitivity to young children for the nursing students. This program sheds
light to the disadvantaged lifestyles and so much more. This is an awesome
opportunity to help children in the community and to help shape our nurses of
tomorrow. If there you have any questions or just want to learn more about the
Teddy Bear Clinics contact Vicki Martin; 843-661-1898 or vmartin@fmarion.edu.