FMU “thinks like a man”

Katrina Moses, Staff Writer

There was banter and laughter heard on the first floor of the Leatherman Science Facility Thursday, Nov. 13, as students gave their opinion on relationships, with Sigma Gamma Rho’s “Think like a Man” event.

Athavia Melvin, sophomore, biology, was one of the seven attendees of the event, and she explained why “Think like a Man” was important to the attendees. Even though only two males showed up to the event, she explained it was good to get their opinion.

“It’s good to hear their point of view on relationships versus just ours. We don’t always know what they’re thinking,” Melvin said.

She also went on to say that as college students, there are a lot of friendships and relationships being created, and eventually someone is going to want to find that one person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

A few of the topics covered at the event were: dating someone with a child, long distance relationships, and cheating. A few of the comments were that it is possible to date someone with a child. It may take a while to introduce the child to the person you are dating, but the attendees commented that it can make or break a relationship.

The room was loud and talkative as the students talked about cheating. It was one of the topics that opinions were thrown out there so fast. There were the students who believed it is possible to forgive their partner on cheating, while others believed, “If they did it once, they will do it again.”

Kayla Houchins, senior, Sigma Gamma Rho, mass communication, hosted it. She said the goal of the night was to hear college students’ opinions on relationships.

“In celebration of our Founder’s Week, we thought it would be something interesting, casual were people can come and talk about their own personal experiences and give their opinion on relationships,” said Houchins.

Houchins created the questions herself, she said some came from off the top of her head. She said there were a few questions where she had to use personal experiences of her own, and of her friends to cover every topic possible.

There were more questions other than dating, there were some related to when is it best to cut ties with other friends.

For the fellows who attended the event, they explained their feelings on dating. They commented frequently throughout the event. They explained that they too are forgiving, if needed, when it comes to their women cheating. They also wanted to let the females know that it is not best to compare their boyfriends to other males.

For example, Houchins made a comment that a lot of women believe that all guys in fraternities are known to be unfaithful. The two men there, who are integral in fraternities, explained that it is not always like that at all. They explained that in these fraternities there are the men who are completely faithful, while others let that stigma get the best of them.

As for the attendees, they said they believed every topic was covered, especially since one topic would branch off into another. The event left students pondering important topics.