Pre-vet club hosts Pie for Pets

Jasmin Mitchell, Staff Writer

The pre-veterinarian (pre-vet) club held Pie for Pets from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. outside Founders Hall on Nov. 5.

Pie for Pets was held to raise money for the Darlington County Humane Society. Faculty and staff members volunteered to get pied during the event.

FMU Chief of Police, Don Tarbell participated in Pie for Pets.

“This is a great opportunity to contribute and interact with FMU students in a fun way with the students,” Tarbell said. “This is what police should be doing.”

Professors who also volunteered at Pie for Pets included modern language professor Kristin Kiely, math professor Bill Whitmire, psychology professor Teresa Herzog and biology professors Tamamtha Barbeau, Erin Eaton, Lisa Pike, Tim Shannon and Shayna Wrighten.

Students who wanted to participate paid $1 for a five-foot throw or $5 for a one-foot throw. Plates were filled with whipped cream, and professors teased students to get the crowd excited. Some students even paid to let other students have the fun and throw for them.

FMU Alumni also contributed to the event. Daniel Edgeworth, 2009 biology graduate Alexandra Edgeworth, 2010 English graduate, both donated $50.

The pre-vet club was formed in fall 2014 for students majoring in pre-vet to raise awareness and money for sheltered animals. They also hold other activities including bake sales and volunteering at shelters. Pre-vet majors who are interested in joining the pre-vet club can contact Dr. Tamatha Barbeau.