Students attend college fashion week in Atlanta

A group of FMU students attended the “Her Campus” magazine fashion show in Atlanta, Ga., on Oct. 24.

The online magazine’s event featured the rock-country duo Smithfield, a European wax center station, a Milani make-up station that gave girls an opportunity to update their LinkedIn headshots and the fall fashion show. “Her Campus” featured three different looks that are expected to sweep across college campuses this fall: “Feminine Minimalist” with pastels and florals, the ‘70s throwback look full of leather skirts and fringe and ‘90s punk-inspired looks such as neon yellow dresses and flannel plaid shirts.

The goal of the event was to promote a sense of self-confidence, diversity and acceptance. Girls from all over the South were able to get to know each other while exploring this season’s latest trends. Diversity and confidence were also center-stage in the fashion show itself.

Instead of hiring size 0 women as models, Her Campus chose to feature college students of all sizes, backgrounds and styles.

Kendalyn Woodward, a junior elementary education major, said she was inspired by the event.

“I feel like I left the show with more confidence in myself,” Woodward said. “As a young lady I see so many stars that look unrealistic, and it can really push your self-esteem down. But after seeing all of the models rocking up there on the catwalk, it made me feel like I could do that if I wanted to.”

While at Harvard University, then-students Annie Wang, Stephanie Lewis and Windsor Western noticed there were no lifestyle magazines dedicated to college-aged women. This lack of a voice is what inspired the trio to create the “Her Campus” website in 2009.

Now the website has grown into a social media company with chapters in colleges across the U.S. Its focus ranges from serious topics such as the presidential campaign and women’s rights, to fun Halloween costume ideas and do-it-yourself apartment decorations. The overall focus of the organization is to encourage young women to go for their dreams and let their voices be heard.

“Her Campus” has annual conferences, and the group can be found on Facebook.