Students get to know English, modern languages faculty

English and modern language professors hosted students for conversation, sweet treats and activities during their annual event Pastries with the Professors on Oct. 27.

All students were welcomed to attend the event. Donuts, pastries and beverages were provided for anyone who attended.

Dr. Catherine England, English professor, is the head of the Recruitment and Retention committee for the English Department, which organized the event.

“I hope it gives students a sense of our faculty’s desire to welcome them and provide them with positive, fun and educational experiences,” England said.

The event was a networking opportunity, especially for English majors and minors.

“As an English major, it was a great opportunity to gain further insight from the English professors,” Mason Jones, junior English major, said. “The games at Pastries with the Profs allowed me to learn more about the professors I have class with every day.”

Students were able to get more about the future courses offered in the English department and meet other peers seeking a degree in English.

“I enjoyed talking to majors about non-academic things,” Dr. Meredith Reynolds, English professor, said. “This year, I had a brief, though fun, conversation with a few students about bad movies-movies so bad that you can’t help but to enjoy them immensely.”

There were activities available to the students that attended. One of the events involved matching clues that described a professor to that professors’ name. This allowed students to learn more about their professor’s personal and professional interests. Another activity was selecting favorite pieces of literature. The piece that received the most votes was “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. It was followed by “Pride and Prejudice,” “The Metamorphosis” and “Lord of the Rings.”

Pastries with the Professors is an annual event held each fall.