FMU honors continues faculty, student rivalry

The FMU honors program held its second annual students-versusfaculty volleyball game in the Smith University Center (UC).

On Jan. 20, professors and honors students played volleyball against each other. Four games were played. The first two were studentsversus- faculty, and the last two games consisted of faculty and students playing together on teams.

The faculty beat the students during the first game 21 to 10. During the second game, the faculty beat the students again with a score of 21 to 10. The third game ended with a 21-10 score, and the fourth game ended with a 21 to 18 score.

Junior pre-nursing major Lauren Gainey is currently in her second year of the honors program.

“What I enjoyed most was being able to interact with my fellow honors students and some of the faculty at the university,” Gainey said. “I would love some more activities with faculty, staff and students because it’s a great way to show that we are all connected in some way.”

Lucas Murley, a senior biology major and president of the Honors Student Advisory Council, took part in in the annual game for the last time this year.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the game,” Murley said. “My favorite part is the friendly competition between the students and faculty. I think the volleyball game did a great job of connecting the students and faculty because we were all participating in some fun without any classroom stress or anxiety.”

Early childhood education professor Dr. Callum B Johnston took part in the volleyball game this year.

“I loved being able to play in the game,” Johsnon said. “It has been a while since I have been able to participate in a team sport and to be in competition with good people, especially the students and my colleagues, was wonderful.”

Dr. Jon Tuttle, professor of English and director of the honors program, facilitated the volleyball game.

volleyball game. “It was a blast,” Tuttle said. “And this time of year, it’s kind of important to get some exercise, and it’s hard to do that when it’s so cold outside.”

Some players from the faculty team have had experience playing volleyball on a team.

“Turns out the faculty is pretty good at volleyball,” Tuttle said. “We have a couple of ringers, Lorna Citron- Gonzales, Nick Newman and Karen Fries, players with serious experience and actual reflexes.”

The honors program has hosted other faculty-versusstudents games in past years, such as a soccer game.

“Two years ago we tried to play soccer, but it was so cold that very few people came out, and the students absolutely killed us,” Tuttle said. “So last year we decided to do something indoors.”

In addition to the faculty-versus-student volleyball game, the honors program hosts other events for honors and international students throughout the semester.

“The Honors Student Advisory Council schedules a bunch of things, plays, movies, bowling, parties and game nights, that get people involved,” Tuttle said.

Murley said that the honors program is a unique program for students.

“The honors program gives like minded students a way to interact with each other and their professors,” Murley said. “The honors program also has a large turn out to their events, which is nice, because sometimes there is not a very good turn out to on-campus events.”