P.O.D convenience store to open


Photo by: Christina Xan

The new POD convenience store at the Ervin Dining Hall is being stocked with plans to open soon.

A new convenience store is being constructed in Ervin Dining Hall on campus.

“Provisions on Demand” (POD) is a proposal branded by Aramark, a company that provides food services to hospitals, universities and stadiums. The store is currently being stocked and will open within the next couple of weeks.

Tucker Mitchell, the executive director of public and community affairs at FMU, said that this was something that FMU has been wanting to do for a while.

“The administration and the dining services thought this out for some time and thought that it was much-needed addition for students campus,” Mitchell said.

The POD convenience store will carry items such as bottled water, microwavable meals, dry food items, snacks, candy and also hygienic items.

John Williams, director of dining services at FMU, says the prices will differ from buying these items in the bookstore because they will be priced at convenience-store pricing.

Sophomore pre-nursing major Ashley Sample said she is excited for a cheaper place to buy snacks and essentials.

Sample also said that the new POD could be helpful to students who don’t have vehicles. Now students don’t have to take a bus, catch a ride or cross the street.

Sophomore prenursing major Monique Simmons also said that the convenience store addition is a great addition.

“I go to the bookstore quite often,” Simmons said. “However, I do feel it’s too expensive, and this new store would be a good idea for saving more money. Also, that means I don’t have to go off campus to look for smaller items at a cheaper price.”

There will only be one Aramark employee who will work in the store, Williams said. However, if more staff is necessary, there is the possibility for students to be hired just as students who work in Ervin Dining Hall.