CPR training

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (TKE) and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has offered eight CPR training classes to FMU students, staff, faculty and the Florence community over the course of the spring semester.

The classes take place in the Smith University Center and the Professional Medical Training Center in Florence. The training sessions continue through April 15.

By attending one of the four-hour classes offered, students can gain certification in Basic Life Support of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR. Participants receive instruction on responding to situations and the action to take depending on the age and body size of the injured individual. Using a defibrillator machine and procedure for clearing the airway of a choking person were also covered.

These instructions can help students prolong the injured individual’s life until medical professionals arrive.

Senior biology major Shahbaz Mushtaq presented this idea to TKE’s Tau Sigma chapter after an alumnus posted the idea in a Facebook group a year ago. At FMU, one class is offered for certification, but the limit on the class size is 15 students. Campus Police also helps students obtain certification, but this opportunity is not advertised to the general population.

Mushtaq saw this opportunity to collaborate with one of the fraternity’s biggest partners, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and organized the event.

“Even if just one person who gets certified saves one life, it’s worth it,” Mushtaq said. “You can’t put a value on someone’s life, which is why CPR certification is important.”

Mushtaq said this qualification stands out on a resume and helps make the people you see every day safer.

Twelve people have been certified so far this semester. Mushtaq hopes to make this opportunity regular between FMU’s TKE fraternity and Florence’s medical personnel.

Fees for the CPR class are $75. Forty percent of proceeds go to St. Jude. The other 60 percent goes back to the TKE fraternity so they can continue to provide opportunities to the community. Registration for the class requires a valid ID and a PayPal account. To register, contact FMUPhilanthropy@gmail. com. The last training session of the spring semester is April 15. The deadline to register for the last CPR class is April 11.

After taking the certification class, participants receive a certification card in the mail. The certification lasts for two years.