KA holds Miss Greek 2016

Jasmine Mitchell , Staff Writer

The Delta Tau Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order (KA) held the Miss Greek 2016 pageant to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

The contestants for the pageant were sophomore marketing major Madi Hucks, freshman industrial engineering major Meghan Johnson, junior pre-nursing major Ali Lewis, freshman biology major Autumn Lupotsky and sophomore pre-nursing major Cassie Powers.

The five contestants all came out in their casual wear and were escorted to the middle of the stage. As they walked around the stage in their casual wear, hosts Gabriel Poston and Austin Wilson gave a little background information.

There was a short intermission between the casual wear and the formal wear. During the intermission, Poston announced the Gold Level sponsors: Jumpin’ J’s, Allied Loans, Woofers, South Eastern Wire, Parrott’s Furniture, Nationwide, Hibachi Grill and Sporting Goods.

After all of the contestants came out in their formal wear, the judges tallied up their votes and selected their top three candidates for Miss Greek. The top three that were announced were Lewis, Johnson and Hucks.

The top three candidates were all asked one questions by the judges. Johnson was asked what her favorite characteristic about herself was.

“One thing I like about myself is that I am determined and stubborn,” Johnson said. “Once I put my mind to something, I get things done.”

Hucks was asked who her biggest role model was.

“I think my biggest role model would have to be my dad because he’s always really happy,” Hucks said. “He’s gone through so much, but seems to make the best out of everything. I wish I could be more like him.” L

ewis was asked if she was given a million dollars, what would she spend it on.

“I would give almost all of it to my family,” Lewis said. “They have supported me for all of my life. I would also give some to cancer organizations, because that is something that I am really passionate about. Then I would also keep some for myself.”

Once all three answered, all of the contestants cleared the stage and Miss Greek 2015 did her final walk.

The second runner up for Miss Greek was Johnson. The first runner up was Lewis. The Miss Greek 2016 crown was awarded to Hucks.

The judges of the event were Dr. Pamela Turner, professor of accounting, Dr. Karen Fries, professor of education, Dr. Lorna Cintron-Gonzalez, professor of industrial engineering and Dr. William Daniel, assistant professor of political science.

Junior finance major Christian Burrise says that KA plans to do more work for MDA.

“We plan on doing a MDA walk,” Burrise said. “It’s like a 5K walk; you don’t necessarily have to run unless you want to. It’s a way of trying to encourage people that suffer from similar illnesses to be able to walk and be a part of it as well so everyone would not have to run.”

The MDA walk is set to happen in the fall semester of 2017.