Students relax at MAB’s Cultural Block Party

The Multicultural Advisory Board (MAB) hosted the Cultural Block Party in the Heyward Community Center to give students a cultural experience that incorporated all of the senses.

Students tasted Hispanic, Japanese and Indian cuisine, watched a martial arts demonstration, listened to music playlists from various cultures and hit a piñata. Tables were set up in the community center for students to get henna tattoos and learn how to write their names in Japanese.

Sophomore mass communication major Shenika Glover said that she loves other cultures and sharing information about cultures with students. Glover is the president of the MAB.

“The vision behind this event was to have students enjoy a fun and stress free afternoon exploring cultural food and activities away from studies,” Glover said.

Freshman early childhood education major Brittany Person said that she came to the event to share a different experience with friends. Person said she particularly enjoyed the martial arts demonstration from Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts School in Florence.

“This is letting everyone get a new experience on how someone else’s life is,” Pearson said.

Glover said that event planning began in February. “Numerous MAB meetings were conducted to discuss the three cultures being represented: Japanese, Hispanic, and Indian,” Glover said. “We also had the opportunity to coordinate with the Housing Office, Kuk Soo Won Martial Arts School and Japan Club to have a successful event.”

Sophomore business major Bejal Patel helped to oversee the application of henna tattoos. Patel said that she is familiar with henna because it is part of her native culture of India.

According to Patel, said that there are different types of henna, and the kind used at the block party was an inexpensive box henna.

“I actually had henna combs from India, and those last a whole lot longer than these do,” Patel said. “These are more watered down, but they do the same effect, just not as long lasting. For people that are doing interviews or internships or something, these will wash out in a few days whereas the original ones might last for up to two to three weeks.”

Patel said that she enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people as she mingled at the event and helped oversee application of henna tattoos.

While this is the last MAB event of the semester, Glover said that students can still plan to get involved with MAB for next semester. Students are encouraged to visit the MAB table at the fall spring involvement fair or obtain information from the office of student affairs.