APA gives 107 roses

Brandon Ryback, Sports Writer

The gentlemen of the Kappa Chi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha gave roses to 107 ladies on campus on Sept. 1 as part of a new chapter tradition they are calling “Ladies’ Appreciation Day.”

The event was held on the lawn between Founders Hall and the Fine Art Center. According to chapter President Amari Boyd, the fraternity had a simple message to spread by giving out roses – chivalry is not dead.

“We want to show our ladies that they are appreciated even in today’s society,” Boyd said.

Roses could be seen all over campus as many of the women carried them around, showing them to friends and classmates.

Precious Mcoughlin, a sophomore political science major, was the recipient of the final flower.

“I think it’s really nice and lets everyone on campus know that the organization that gave them out is very appreciative and respectful of women,” Mcoughlin said.

Junior English major Dava Brewer said she was encouraged by the fraternity’s event.

“I really love the idea of Ladies’ Appreciate Day,” Brewer said. “Dating today is so tough, and to me chivalry is dead. It is honestly so rare these days for something like this to happen. Like, you rarely see a guy holding the door open for a girl, and guys are just disrespectful for the most part. It is really nice to see something like this happen in today’s world.”

The Kappa Chi chapter has never held a Ladies’ Appreciate Day before and hopes to make it a yearly tradition.