KD hosts confidence booth

Anna Jackson, Staff Writer

FMU’s chapter of the Kappa Delta sorority (KD) hosted the Confidence Coalition Booth, an event designed to help students overcome insecurities.

KD held the Confidence Coalition Booth on Sept. 22 in the breezeway between Founders Hall and the Cauthen Education Media Center.

According to those running the booth, building confidence in others, especially in other women, is a fundamental belief of their sorority, which is why they hosted this booth.

“We are here to instill confidence in others and ourselves,” Purvi Naik, a junior finance major, said. “It helps throw away our insecurities, making sure we get rid of it. You are absolutely perfect the way you are.”

At the booth, students wrote what made them insecure on sheets of paper. Then, they were supposed to crumple the paper up and throw it in the trashcan next to the table, figuratively and literally throwing away their insecurities.

“It’s liberating to throw away your insecurities,” Aubrey Winburn, freshman middle level education major, said after she had thrown her written insecurities away.

KD also encouraged students to sign a confidence pledge and pin it on the board in a collection of other signed pledges. The confidence pledge says that you will be more confident in yourself, be forgiving to yourself and others, not attack someone else’s self-esteem and stand up for yourself and others. The pledge also involves making the world a better place specifically for women and girls.

The last confidence builder that was featured as part of the Confidence Coalition Booth was a collection of green, square cards that read, “Caught you being confident.”

These cards were meant to be taken and shared with others beyond the booth to spread confidence even further. The back of the card read, “I caught you being confident when you…”

“Anytime you see someone doing something that seems confident, you write that on the card and you give it to them as a motivational day brightener,” Courtney Nichols, senior psychology major, said.

According to the sorority’s website, “Kappa Delta Sorority is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that build confidence and inspire women to action.”