Intramural sports hosts Putt-Putt Mingle


Photo by: Kyle Graham

Derrick Young, director of the intramural sports program, participates in a game of Putt-Putt.

The intramural sports program hosted a Welcome Week Ultimate Putt- Putt Mingle in the Smith University Center (UC). Students played putt-putt golf on three different courses set up on the first floor and the stair balcony.

Intramural Sports are part of the Department of Recreational Services at FMU, which allows students to borrow sports materials for free at the UC when they want to participate in an intramural sport.

Resident Assistant Connor Graham, a junior biology major, attended the event with a few of her residents, and she said she enjoyed the food and drinks provided while learning more about the Department of Recreational Services and intramural sporting events.

Several freshman students said the pizza and drinks provided for attendees by the intramural putt-putt team encouraged them to attend the event. Tables located in the UC were provided for students who preferred to watch the putt-putt participants and eat pizza.

The intramural putt-putt team encouraged students of any level of physical skill and ability to participate in the event, along with other intramural sports.

Neil Thompson, a freshman chemistry major, said he attended the event to get involved at FMU and experience what the different organizations have to offer.

“It was nice to come out here and hang out with people I hadn’t met yet,” Thompson said. “I also got to meet a lot of new people.”

Freshman computer science major Cameron Tomlin also attended the event with his new friends at FMU. He said he attended the event in the spirit of friendly competition.

“I wanted to beat Neil Thompson,” Tomlin said. “I didn’t get close.”

Most students in attendance said they were not avid putt-putt players, but they enjoyed the competition and the ability to meet new students while learning more about the sport.