Prospective students visit FMU


Photo by: Rosaline Abuaita

FMU hosts open houses each year to inform prospective students about university programs and clubs. During Open Houses FMU Diplomats give tours and lead panels for students.

FMU hosted an Open House for prospective students to visit the university.

The event began with  breakfast at the Smith University Center (UC). Prospective students were able to meet with FMU Diplomats and talk about their experiences at FMU.

Simone Gause, FMU admissions counselor, said they were hoping for at least 100 families to participate in the event.

“We have 150 people registered to come to the Open House today,” Gause said. “However, we are hoping to reach at least 100 of those 150 people who signed up.”

Gause said her favorite part of being involved in the Open House is having the opportunity to greet the students.

“My favorite part is greeting people because everyone is super excited to come in,” Gause said.

During the first part of the event, there were tables for guests to visit that had information about several parts of FMU student life. The FMU Writing Center had a table to share the resource, which is available to all students to help them with writing assignments. Other tables had information on the study abroad program, financial assistance, athletics, scholarships and more.

Several of  the FMU Diplomats volunteered to help run the event.

Rebeca Pacheco, sophomore biology major, said she chose to be a part of the FMU Diplomats to meet people and get involved around FMU.

“I wanted to widen my horizons,” Pacheco said. “It is a great opportunity to help people and be a part of the FMU community.”

For freshman biology major Chalinda LaSane, the Open House is an opportunity to work through her shyness.

“I became a diplomat because I like responsibility,” LaSane said. “I am kind of shy and this will help me come out of it because you have to speak to people.”

LaSane came to an FMU sponsored Open House with her high school. She said the reason she came to FMU was because of the diplomats and how they responded to her when she came to the events.

“I want to impress people,” LaSane said. “When I first came here the reason why I came was the diplomats and how they greeted me.”

LaSane said the few times she came to see the campus gave her the opportunity to see that the school was the right fit.

“There were several things that made me come to FMU,” LaSane said. “The diplomats and the environment were the main reasons. The diplomats were so friendly and they made me feel comfortable.”

For freshman biology major Cheyenne Sconzo, the opportunity to be a diplomat has helped her get more involved at FMU.

“There was an application I filled out,” Sconzo said. “I decided to do it because I really like being involved in my school.”

After the prospective students checked in and had breakfast, they moved to the Chapman Auditorium in the McNair Science Building where they had the opportunity to listen to FMU President Dr. Fred Carter talk about the opportunities available if they came to FMU.

After Carter gave an introduction, the Diplomats showed the prospective students and their families to the different academic informational sessions in classrooms giving them the opportunity to hear more about their desired major. Following the academic session there was a more in-depth session on topics  such as financial aid, housing and other programs offered at FMU.