Student promotes acceptance, equality


Photo by: Kyle Graham

Elijah Moton seeks to give opportunities to students to speak out about their experiences being part of the LGBTQ community.

For senior psychology and political science double major Elijah Moton, his time at FMU has provided him the opportunity to embrace leadership skills and speak out for those who have lost their voices.

Moton is involved at FMU as the president of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the vice president of Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA).

Moton has also been part of the College Democrats, the FMU Student Marshals and the Student Alumni Association. 

In addition to his extracurricular activities, Moton has been recognized for his academic and leadership skills and has been inducted into various organizations and honor societies such as Pi Sigma Alpha, a political science honors society, and Omicron Delta Kappa, a leadership involvement honors society. 

According to Moton, he joined GSA because he wanted to learn more about the organization’s mission and help others who were going through experiences similar to his.

Moton said he joined GSA because of a friend who was involved in the organization and helped him learn about several topics that GSA and its members are focused on.

“I am part of the LGBT community, myself,” Moton said. “Someone I used to talk to a long time ago was involved with GSA, and I didn’t know what it was until they educated me on the subject about simple things like gender versus sex.”

According to Moton, he had to deal with his family members not accepting him as a member of the LGBT community, and his struggles gave him the courage to speak out about it.

“I support all of the LGBT people in my family,” Moton said. “But my family doesn’t support me, so I want to be that person for other people. I want to be that person for someone who feels like they can’t talk to anyone else.”  

According to Moton, GSA gives students the opportunity to speak out and express how they are feeling.

“I feel like GSA is the organization for people who feel like they can’t talk to anyone else or go anywhere else on campus,” Moton said. “That’s what I want to do.”

Moton said it is important to be involved in groups like GSA in order to advocate for change. According to Moton, the only way for change to be effective is by actively taking part in organizations.

“In order to make change in the world, you have to be a part of the change and do it yourself,” Moton said.

Moton said he wants to start a nonprofit organization after graduation. 

“One of the ideas I have for when I graduate is to pair political science and psychology to start a nonprofit,” Moton said. “It is going to combine both of them because I want to start an organization where I am an event planner for LGBT parties.”

According to Moton, he plans to also use the nonprofit organization to plan events and be involved in communities that don’t identify as LGBT.

“It is going to be publicized as an LGBT party, but at the same time, anyone can come if he or she wants to,” Moton said.

According to Moton, the goal of the organization will be to donate profits to at-risk youth in his community.

Moton said that he has had many difficulties dealing with his sexuality and his family, but being persistent and staying true to oneself will help anyone who is struggling with similar issues.