FMU hosts first academic quiz bowl tournament

FMU will host their first annual academic quiz bowl tournament, the President’s Bowl, on Feb. 13 allowing student organizations to compete head-to-head for a $1000 prize for the winning team.   

President Fred Carter wanted a way to get students more involved on campus and felt like it would be an enjoyable tradition to start.

According to Tucker Mitchell, vice president of communications, the idea was President Carters. “We’re always in the mode of thinking about the life of the university and thought this would be a neat event,” said Mitchell.

A quiz bowl is a competition in which teams of students compete to answer questions covering a variety of academic subjects.

“We’re doing this to generate interest and create lively events,” Mitchell said. “We hope that with different organizations participating, we will generate a bit of an audience.”

Students will be asked a series of questions that are composed from the National Association of Quiz Tournaments (NAQT).  The NAQT hosts nationwide tournaments on middle school, high school and collegiate levels as well as generating questions annually for competitions.

“There’s already some competition for team members,” Mitchell said. “ There are people that belong to multiple organizations who can only participate with one.”

Registration is open through Jan. 31. Students can register by visiting the FMU website. The brackets for the competition will be drawn on Feb. 13 with matches beginning the week of Feb. 19.