Students attend bonfire, eat s’mores


Photo by: Sara Porter

Students gather around the dessert bar to build their s’mores and eat sweet treats while waiting for the bonfire to be lit.

Student Government Association (SGA) and the athletic department hosted the second annual homecoming bonfire behind the UC on Feb. 9, to raise students’ spirits in preparation for FMU’s homecoming games throughout the weekend.   

Daphne Carter-McCants, assistant dean of students, said regardless of cold temperatures, at least 180 students attended the event.

“SGA was very involved in hosting homecoming events,” Carter-McCants said. “SGA was in charge of the Patriot Experience, the bonfire and the parade as well.”

Carter-McCants said overall, she believed the bonfire was successful in boosting students morale.

The event was opened with FMU cheerleaders and was followed by a performance by the FMU dance team.

Marissa Dixon, freshman, said she came out to the bonfire to be in the middle of all the excitement.   

“I came to fellowship with other students and be a part of my first homecoming at FMU,” Dixon said. “I’m looking forward to experiencing all this week has to offer.”

After the FMU dance team performed, the 2018 homecoming king and queen nominees were introduced with their escorts.

Student Malasia Legette said her favorite part of homecoming was supporting her peers.

“My favorite part of homecoming week has to be voting,” Legette said. “We have a great student body and pretty good teams so I’m confident about this weekend.”

While waiting for the bonfire to begin, students were able to enjoy refreshments such as a hot cocoa and coffee, as well as a s’more and dessert station.

Despite the efforts of event organizers, the bonfire remained unlit for the entirety of the event because of difficulties lighting the wood.   

According to Murray Hartzler, FMU athletics director, the reason the fire did not start is unknown, but could possibly be attributed to the wood being wet from rainfall or from lack of gasoline.

FMU student Abbey Adams said she liked the event.

“Even though there wasn’t an actual bonfire, I really enjoyed how involved the student body was this year,” said Adams. “There were a lot more students in attendance than before, and the spirit was obvious in the crowd.”

Rachael Elliott, freshman, said the concept of the bonfire was a good idea, but she wished the bonfire lasted longer, with more activities during the event.

“I drove 30 minutes to get here,” Elliot said. “I just wish there was more surrounding the event. We didn’t even get to experience the actual bonfire. I also think some of the events could’ve been announced a little more. There were a lot of things I didn’t hear about.”