FMU welcomes prospective students to campus

Elizabeth Floyd, Staff Writer

The FMU Office of Admissions and FMU Diplomats hosted an Open House on March 3 in the Smith University Center (UC) to familiarize prospective students with the programs and activities offered at FMU. 

The event began with prospective students and their families learning about the university from FMU diplomats. Later, prospective students were able to attend informative seminars about financial aid, housing, honors and were introduced to different departments.

Biology professor Jeffrey Camper attended the open house with his daughter and said he learned specifics about the financial aid system he had not known before. 

“The financial aid seminar had a lot off useful information and it was presented well,” Camper said.

Stephanie Bosch, coordinator of orientation and admissions events, said is one of the largest recruiting events. She said her responsibility is planning the events and promoting them to students to get them to register. 

“Getting to meet students at these events, seeing them attend orientation over the summer and seeing them walk around campus is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” Bosch said.

Jon Tuttle, English professor and director of the honors program, presented the special topic presentation about honors.

“I like open houses because FMU is an easy sell and there is much to recommend us,” Tuttle said. “Once students discover us they tend to come here.” 

Professor Travis Knowles, who gave the presentation representing the biology department, also said once students discover all that FMU has to offer, they usually select FMU as their top choice. 

Diplomat Aide Eirasavit said her reason for becoming a diplomat was because she gets to share her experience with prospective students and she enjoys meeting students from different high schools.

Another diplomat, Ryan Singh, said he enjoys sharing about the success FMU has given him with students who attend Open House.

Bosch said FMU is always looking for more student diplomats because open house wouldn’t be possible without the help of students. 

Prospective student Kyle Barcas said he decided to come to open house because he heard from friends in the area that the campus was pretty and not too big.

Another prospective student Destinee Lyon and her mother both said FMU was very welcoming and friendly. Lyon, who is in a wheelchair, also said FMU has perfect placement of wheelchair access ramps across campus.

After breakfast and introductions to student diplomats, prospective students were led by student diplomats around campus for two informative seminars based on each student’s major of interest.

Two more seminars were centered around special topics, such as honors programs, housing and financial aid. After the seminars concluded, potential students and their families had the option to attend lunch in the cafeteria or have a guided group tour led by the diplomats.