Grammy award winner performs intimate show


Photo by: Thessalonia Thomas

Graham Nash performs new and old songs for community members at the FMU Performing Arts Center. Nash also told the audience about his inspiration behind his songs.

Carly Andros, Staff Writer

FMU hosted Graham Nash, a Grammy award winner, for a night of songs and stories at 7:30 p.m. on March 3 at the FMU Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Nash, a Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, sang songs from past bands he was a part of, including The Hollies. Nash performed a variety of his original songs, new and old, such as “Wind on the Water,” “Carousel,” “Military Madness” and “Used to be King.” Nash also covered songs, such as “Blackbird” by The Beatles.

During the performance, Nash said it would be an emotional night because all of his songs have an emotional tie to his past. Nash also said while playing his songs he revisits those memories.

Between songs, Nash told stories of his personal inspiration from songs he wrote.

For example, Nash told the story behind his song “The Spider.”

Nash said he was catching a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii, and his drug dealer challenged him to write a song before he caught his flight. The dealer bet him $500 he could not write the song before he got on the plane. Nash finished the song but never received the money.

Crook Stewart III, Nash’s manager, said they book shows at various venues for concerts, mostly in larger clubs and performing art centers, such as the FMU PAC.

“We are always excited; it’s a great turnout and a great show,” Stewart said. “I think that everybody will walk out of here very pleased.”

Stewart said he has been to Florence before, but this is first time at the PAC.

Janice Albrecht attended the concert because she has memories listening to the music.

“I’m a huge fan, I just wanted to come and hear the music and revisit some memories from years ago because I’m in that age group,”

Chris McKagen, FMU alum and editor for the “Hartsville Messenger,” said having musicians such as Nash at the FMU PAC is a sign of the growth of Florence.

“I’m here with my mom, dad and fiancé, and it has brought us out here as a family,” McKagen said. “Ten years ago we only had the Florence Little Theatre in town, so this is another opportunity for us to come out and have fun… I think it’s great to have shows like this in the city.”

McKagen said he thinks the PAC is a good asset to Florence’s growth.

The March 3 show was McKagen’s first time hearing Nash live.

Doug Kight, a Florence resident, said he attended the concert because he is a big fan of Nash. Kight said he has listened to Nash his whole life.

Kight also said he enjoyed the stories Nash told.

“He didn’t tell as many stories as I thought,” Kight said.

Kight said he was surprised Nash played “Taken At All,” which Nash wrote while he was with Crosby, Stills and Nash.

“There were several songs I would have liked to have heard him play, but I was surprised with what he did play,” Kight said.

Kight attended the concert with his daughter.