English student starts photography business


Photo by: Rosaline Abuaita

Senior English major Glennie Tanner is involved in many student clubs to improve her photography skills and grow her business.

Deandrea Norman , Staff Writer

For senior English major and visual arts minor Glennie Tanner, FMU has provided many opportunities to get involved on campus, connect with others and develop her passion for photography.

Tanner said she decided to come to FMU because of the smaller class sizes and the ability to make connections with people from all backgrounds. Since her first year at FMU, Tanner has made it a habit to stay involved with campus life.

“I really want to make the most of my years here at FMU,” Tanner said. “So as soon as I arrived on campus, I signed up for as many clubs and organizations as possible.”

Tanner said she has been involved in numerous organizations at FMU.  She has had an active role in Student Government Association (SGA) as a senator and secretary and is currently serving as student body vice president. 

Tanner said she has also served as a Patriot mentor and hopes she has impacted many students’ lives on campus and encouraged them to become better students and people.

Tanner said she has used her involvement on campus to grow her photography business and make lifelong connections with other students and staff on campus. Tanner also said the biggest advice she would give to students is to get involved on campus.

“FMU offers so many clubs and organizations for students,” Tanner said. “Making connections with different people, including professors, is really important.”

Tanner said she discovered her passion for photography in high school, where she was a photographer for her high school’s yearbook club.

“At first, I was not sure if I actually had a talent, but I talked with others, specifically my mentor, Jarrel Baccus, and I was encouraged to pursue my passion,” Tanner said.

After her high school graduation in 2014, Tanner said she saved her graduation money to purchase her first camera and start her own photography business, Photography by Glennie. Tanner has now shot over 100 photo sessions, including weddings, graduations, bridal shoots, fashion shoots and editorial shoots.

Four years after starting her business, Tanner said she continues to educate herself on becoming a better photographer and continues to learn different photography styles and techniques, which has made her a more skilled photographer.

“Photography is important to me because it is something that I know for sure I’m good at,” Tanner said. “It’s something that I can continuously learn about.”

In the future, Tanner said she hopes to use her love for photography and education in her life’s work. Tanner said she wants to teach high school English or become an English professor. She said she would prefer to teach high school because she feels she would be able to have a lasting impact on her students. Tanner said she also hopes to open her own photography studio and teach others the power of photography.

“Through photography anyone can become an artist, a storyteller,” Tanner said. “Photography is able to capture stories that words will never be able to express. That’s what makes it so beautiful. For every picture I’ve taken, I’ve told a different story.”