FMU prepares for next NMUN Convention


Photo by: Contributed Photo

Last year’s students participating in NMUN activities representing the country of Kiribati at the 2017 NMUN Convention in New York City.

Kaitlyn Luna , Copy Editor

The FMU National Model United Nations (NMUN) team will assemble at the end of the fall semester as they prepare for their 12th appearance at the annual NMUN in New York City in March 2019.

Will Daniel, assistant professor of political science, and Scott Kaufman, chair of the department of history, took eight FMU students last year to participate in the convention and they returned with an Honorable Mention for best delegation.

“Model U.N. is an experimental program,” Kaufman said. “It’s an opportunity for university students around the world to experience what the people who actually represent nations in the U.N. do.”

In order for students to become part of the National Model U.N. team they must submit an application by the end of the fall semester, which includes a letter explaining why they believe they should be a part of the team, letters of recommendation and their cumulative GPA. The applications are assessed by professors, and members will be selected to be in a special class the following spring semester. In the class, the students will research their assigned country and learn how to write position papers in preparation for the convention.

However, the NMUN experience is not all work and no play. Students who participate get to see the U.N. in session, see Times Square and explore what New York City has to offer. Last year, students even met former S.C. governor and current U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley.

  Emma Driggers, one of last year’s participants, said the trip was something all students should experience.

“I had a great time the last few days when we were doing the voting process, and everything had been turned in,” Driggers said. “We got to see the actual United Nations and tour New York itself a little bit. I really enjoyed that.”

According to Kaufman, being chosen to represent FMU at the convention is an all-around enriching experience for students. He said NMUN gives students an opportunity to understand what international diplomacy involves, allows them to meet students from across the world and get exposure to other cultures.

Students interested in applying for the program can submit an application to Daniel before the Oct. 15 deadline.