Stimulants abuse effects

The daily life of a college student is stressful in many ways. Moving to a new setting can be tough. Pressure to get good grades can lead to bad behaviors. Living away from parents can lead to trying new things. Students want to find that balance of having fun and also passing all their classes. Students have tried many things to help them study for tests. Drinking several cups of coffee to help focus is normal for most. Over the years, however, more and more college students have turned to medications to get ahead in school.   

Stimulant usage in college students has been on the rise over the past few years. Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin appear to be the ones used most often. Students are mainly using these drugs to get better grades. The big issue is that a large populations of students are using drugs illegally. These students take these types of drugs to study for major tests because the drug lets them focus for long periods of time while taking fewer study breaks. Students also express the drugs help them to finish assignments. The issue of addiction is then created. A study by Hildt, Lieb, Bagusat and Frank found students feel the drugs make their lives better in many ways. Many students, however, do not handle the side effects well.

The side effects of stimulant use can be a problem for students.  Many students use alcohol, marijuana or drugs like Xanax when they are affected by this type of drug. This adds to the risk of addiction when using stimulants. Studies have shown that people who smoke and drink are more likely to use stimulants during their lives. Students will also use stimulants if their friends use them. A study at a private school in the Pacific Northwest looked at stress as the main problem. It found that at the center of much of the use of stimulants is the issue of stress. Students are less likely to use stimulants at the start of the semester when stress is lower.

According to Moore, Burgard, Larson and Ferm, during test times, an increase of almost three times the use was found. Natalie Martin said in Columbia, a study at the University of South Carolina found around one in six students use stimulants not prescribed to them. According to Wildeman, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention also reported that Adderall is the most prescribed drug in South Carolina. No studies were found from colleges in Horry or Florence County about the use of stimulants on campus.

It is key to do well in college so your future goals can be reached. When you take prescription drugs that change your behavior, you are also putting your future in danger. Improving time management skills and not waiting until the last minute to cram for a test can help you stay out of a stressed state. College should be fun and enjoyable. Do not let stress put your future at risk. If you feel you have a medical problem, speak with your doctor. A medical provider can give you more advice on better ways to manage stress than taking a drug that can cause you harm.