CAB hosts pumpkin painting

FMU students expressed their creativity by painting pumpkins at the Campus Activity Board’s (CAB) Pennywise Pumpkin Party from 5-9 p.m. on Oct. 26 in room 106 of the Leatherman Science Facility (LSF).

CAB held the event to provide students with something fun after FM A’Glow, a decorated pumpkin display, was delayed due to rain. At the event, students painted miniature pumpkins. There was also free candy, apple cider and cookies to decorate with icing and sprinkles.   

After the pumpkin painting, students walked to Chapman Auditorium of the McNair Science Building to watch “IT”, a horror movie about a creature that takes the form of a clown named Pennywise to terrorize children. The antagonist of the movie is also where the name of the event came from.

Brooke Garland attended the party because a friend of hers brought her along. She said she got to mingle with friends at the event.

“From the pumpkin painting, I learned that it is difficult to paint a pumpkin,” Garland said.

Junior Laura Jones said she thought the pumpkin party was a good chance to relax and meet people.

“I think it was nice just being able to eat cookies and paint and not really have to think about doing anything else,” Jones said. “I got to talk to some people and listen to music. I can’t think of anything better than that.”

Jones said she liked the movie because she enjoys watching horror movies.

“The part where Pennywise climbed out of the fridge was really unsettling,” Jones said. “I can’t stand that sort of spider-like movement. I guess it reminds me too much of actual spiders, and being in the creepy clown makeup didn’t help that.”

Sophomore Jared Weekes said his favorite part of the event was the food at the pumpkin party.

“It’s free food,” Weekes said. “I think that about says it all. I’m glad I came because I got to meet people, but free food always is a reason to come for the event and the cookies did not disappoint.”

Weekes said the movie wasn’t as scary as he was hoping.

“I like horror stuff, but I though the special effects were kind of lame,” Weekes said. “There was a part where a painting came to life, but it looked so fake I couldn’t be scared at all. The scariest part was how the girl’s dad would abuse her, because that’s a real thing that happens.”

Freshman Paul Drake said he enjoyed the pumpkin-painting aspect as well.

“I didn’t really paint anything good, but it was nice to just sit there and try something,” Drake said. “I just kind of listened to music that CAB was playing and chilled. I lost track of time and barely even noticed when it was time for the movie.”

Drake said the movie was better than he expected, but not because it was scary.

“I didn’t actually think it was very scary,” Drake said. “But it was still a good movie. It felt a lot like ‘Stranger Things’ where kids go on adventure in the ‘80s. It actually ended up being pretty funny, so even though it’s not as scary as I was hoping for, I’d watch it again.”

Sophomore Anthony Busch did not attend the pumpkin party, but he did show up to watch the movie.

“I didn’t get here in time for the painting, but I did want to watch ‘IT’ again,” Busch said. “It’s obviously not quite as scary when you know what’s coming, but I thought it was fun to see everyone else’s reactions to the jump scares.”

After the movie, students returned to LSF 106 to pick up their pumpkins, which dried during the movie, and take any leftover candy they wanted. Over 70 students attended the event, according to Daphne Carter-McCants, assistant vice president for student affairs.

CAB members collected attendees’ names and emails before and after the event so that interested students could learn about upcoming CAB events.