Students get spooky at Halloween party


Photo by: Angela Acosta

Gregory Pilot dresses in gruesome makeup at Carnevil

Students danced and celebrated Halloween on October 31, 2018 from 7-9 p.m. at FMU’s annual Carnevil event in the Smith University Center (UC). The event was free to students and included free food such as cotton candy, nachos and mini corn dogs. The theme of the event was “An American Horror Story” and guests were encouraged to come wearing costumes. At the end of the night, students participated in a costume contest.

Ryan Singh, an FMU diplomat, said he often gets to see the behind-the-scenes of popular FMU events like Carnevil.

“The diplomats are usually tasked with the behind-the-scenes preparations, like purchasing stuff and decorating,” Singh said. “Our main focus is facilitating open house, but Carnevil is our annual Halloween party. If you like planning events for the whole university and leaving an impact for students to look forward to the event next year, you should be a part of it.”

Singh said events like this are good for the students because they allow them to de-stress from classes and have some fun. Singh also said these events are a great way to meet people and make new relationships.

Junior Marisa Littlefield, a political science major and vice president standard of Kappa Delta, attended the event because she saw flyers advertising the event around campus.

“I saw the flyers around campus and that’s what told me about the event,” Littlefield said. “I decided to go because it looked really fun. I was glad to dress up in a costume, and a lot of people I knew told me that they were going too.”

Littlefield said she enjoyed being able to look at everyone’s costumes. She believes that events like these are important for the student body.

“I would tell students to come out and enjoy the event with an open mind,” Littlefield said. “You can meet a lot of great people. I feel like the events are really what you make of it. If you go there, and you are really excited, and you want to have a great time, you will have one.”

Sophomore Hailey Reed, a psychology and political science double major, attended Carnevil dressed as Minnie Mouse with her roommates.

“My favorite part of the event, I would say, was the free food and the good music,” Reed said.

Josh Graham, a graphic design major, said he enjoyed the event for what it does for students.

“It’s important to have things like this to reward students and allow them to release from the daily stress they face as college students,” Graham said.

Events at FMU can be found on poster boards throughout campus and on FMU’s Facebook page.