Students de-stress by painting and grooving


Photo by: Angela Acosta

Students get their groove on as they paint Frank the Fox.

The FMU Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a Paint and Groove event at the Smith University Center Commons on Friday, Jan.11 at 5 p.m. to help students unwind after the first week of classes.

The event, which was led by Addie’s Baby Paint and Design Studio, taught students how to paint FMU’s mascot Frank the Fox. Students sketched out the mascot on canvases before learning how to add color using watercolor techniques.

CAB Weekend Chair Maitland Weaver said the event provided a way for students to relax after the first week of classes, as well as get to know their fellow students a little better.

“This event is for unwinding after the first week of the semester,” Weaver said. “And to socialize and unwind with fellow classmates.”

The class was taught by the owner of Addie’s Baby Paint and Design Studio, Winter Moore, and was the second Paint and Groove class that she has taught at FMU.

A Florence, South Carolina, native, Moore graduated from South Carolina State University with a bachelor’s degree in digital media with a focus in graphic design. Her studio is named after her late mother Addie Moore, who encouraged her to pursue her love of art.

At the event, students sat at tables that were set up in rows facing Moore who was at the front of the room. Moore demonstrated step-by-step how to draw and then paint each part of the picture as the students followed along on their own canvases. While students were painting, speakers were set up, playing music.

CAB Vice Chair Eric Squirewell said the event was larger this semester to try to include more students and get them to relax on the first Friday of the semester.

“The venue was different,” Squirewell said. “Last time it was held in the Grille. So this time it was a bigger area and allowed people a little bit more breathing room so that they could really get into their work.”

Although students were encouraged to reserve a seat ahead of time because of limited seating, Squirewell said CAB provided an overflow seating section for students who wanted to participate but didn’t reserve a seat.

“All of the spaces we provided were full,” Squirewell said. “We had a few walk-in students and had a little extra space to accommodate them. Everyone came, and they were happy so we were happy.”

CAB has several more fun activities planned for the rest of the semester.