Fraternities recruit new members


Photo by: Elizabeth Floyd

TKE members represent their fraternity at IFC recruitment.

FMU’s Intrafraternity Council (IFC) held the spring recruitment in the Thomason Auditorium in the Lee Nursing Building on Feb. 4 to welcome interested students to the campus fraternities.

IFC adviser Kevin Shupp said being part of group organizations helps students find where they belong and make new friends.

“I think that when you are in college, being a part of any group organization is a good idea,” Shupp said. “It gives you a place to belong when you are starting out on your own and it really helps to make close friends who will support you along the way. This is why FMU is great because we have over 60 organizations on campus, including the fraternities and sororities, which come together to really make a positive difference in student life.”

Shupp encouraged interested students to give a fraternity a try because they do a lot of good in the surrounding community.

“It’s not hard to become a part of a fraternity,” Shupp said. “All you need is to be in good standing with FMU and have a 2.0 GPA and other than that you just need to sign up.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) member Ben Rivers said he believes it is very important for universities to support fraternities because they are a great way to make professional and personal connections in college.

“I love coming to these events because it reminds me of when I first started and how I was so nervous,” Rivers said. “I had no idea five months later I would have all these amazing friends.”

Senior Johnathan Melton, a psychology major, said he attended the event to branch out and try new things on campus.

“I wanted to find a campus activity I could be part of that had like-minded people I could connect with,” Melton said. “I have had night classes every semester until now, so I am really happy to have time on my hands to do this type of thing.”

Melton heard about FMU’s fraternities at the campus involvement fair.

“I am happy FMU has recruitment meetings like this because there are other seniors I’ve talked to who didn’t know anything about what this event was,” Melton said. “So I think these events are important to get the word out.”