SCBA awards $2,500 broadcast scholarship


Photo by: Elodi Breg

Kaitlyn Luna presents her scholarship notification letter from Professors Baxley and Hanson.

Alex Turbeville, Managing Editor

FMU’s Department of Mass Communication has awarded its first ever $2,500 broadcast track scholarship through the South Carolina Broadcasters Association Educational Foundation.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication David Baxley and Tim Hanson, the chair of the department of mass communication, chose Kaitlyn Luna, The Patriot’s editor-in-chief, to receive the scholarship.   

Luna said she was extremely grateful for the scholarship and that she thought it was an amazing opportunity for any broadcast student.

“I’m grateful that the Broadcasters Association gave the department the scholarship,” Luna said. “It’ll definitely help us in the future and I sincerely hope that other students will be able to receive the scholarship.”

Baxley said the money will be put toward Luna’s tuition, but if there is money left over, she will be free to use it as she sees fit. Luna said when she receives the money, she will use it for academic needs.

“I’ll be able to use the scholarship to pay off some of the student loans I’ve had to take out through the years, as well as to help pay for some textbooks,” Luna said.

Baxley said all of the candidates who applied for the scholarship were qualified, but that Luna’s consistent diligence made her the right choice to receive the money.

“Kaitlyn’s demonstrated that she’s a hard worker and that she’s dedicated to the program,” Baxley said. “She’s a broadcast student; she works for the student newspaper. All of these things combined to allow us to understand that she’s committed to the program.”

Baxley said he is glad FMU was able to get the funding. The Department of Mass Communication received the scholarship after Baxley wrote a letter to the South Carolina Broadcasters Association applying for a grant last summer.

“The department appreciates the relationship with the South Carolina Broadcasters Association Educational Foundation in offering the scholarship to a deserving student,” Baxley said.

The scholarship was open to all students who would be attending FMU in the fall semester and are dedicated to the broadcast track, including high school students who have demonstrated previous work in broadcast journalism.

To apply, students needed to provide the Department of Mass Communication with two references, submit a letter demonstrating their need for the money and demonstrate that they had a good GPA, both cumulatively and in mass communication courses.

Baxley requested the scholarship money because he wanted to be able to assist broadcast students who have demonstrated a solid work ethic. He said the department has had opportunities for students in different areas of journalism, but that he now hopes to start having more for students interested in the broadcast track.

Baxley said he hopes that this scholarship continues in the future and that it encourages people interested in broadcast journalism to follow that path.

“We’re interested as a department in trying to help people,” Baxley said. “As long as they’re successful and have a goal in mind, this type of thing allows us to let students know, ‘Hey, we’re looking out for you if you work hard.’”