Students fail to identify jewel thieves


Photo by: Shelby Froese

Suspects from “Love Heist” pose after the event.

FMU students attempted to solve the mystery of missing jewels during the Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) “Love Heist,” a mystery game held in the Smith University Center (UC) on Feb. 12.

The story was that the Aphrodite Necklace and Jewels mysteriously disappeared from a hotel during a gala. CAB members passed out information about the heist to students and they were given 30 minutes to figure out who committed the crime and how they did it.

The participants met with five FMU students who played the suspects in the investigation. After the 30 minutes were up and no one had correctly solved the mystery, McGill revealed that the crime was a team effort by the hotel’s receptionist, Raquel, and her secret sister Doris, a programmer. Doris programmed the lights to go off while Raquel snuck the necklace and jewels out of the room.

SGA President Connor Graham, who played Raquel, said she joined the event at the last minute because a member of CAB had to drop out, but that she had a lot of fun.

None of the students who participated in the event suspected Graham as one of the culprits.

“I feel like I was proud of my ability,” Graham said. “I kept blaming other people. I blamed my sister who actually helped me.”

She also said she liked the chance to go off of the script she was given.

“I love impromptu stuff even though I’m a biology major,” Graham said.

Senior Austin Boyle said he had fun putting himself in a detective’s shoes. He said he had almost figured out the mystery after talking extensively to all the suspects.

“We were really close,” Boyle said. “I think we would have had a good shot if we had looked at the emails more closely. I never suspected the suspects would be family.”

CAB’s next event will be a spring formal masquerade ball on March 2 from 7-10 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center.