Galloway encourages students to say “Us Too”

Kei'Yona Jordon, Staff Writer

FMU student Tylic Galloway hosted the “Us Too: Sexual Assault” program, which was sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority on March 18 in the Heyward Community Center.

As a contestant in Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Miss Black and Gold Pageant, Galloway is required to host an event about something important to her.

Having had experience dealing with sexual assault herself, Galloway started the event by sharing her personal experience and how it made her feel.

“Sexual assault is huge to me because I was a victim of it,” Galloway said. “I want to be an advocate for those who can’t speak and are afraid to.”

Galloway invited Rebecca Flannagan, title IX council chair, to talk about sexual assault and how the school handles these cases.

Flanagan told students that Title IX protects any person being discriminated against or facing injustice because of their gender.

“That could be things like sexual assault, stalking and harassment,” Flannagan said.

Flannagan told students Title IX offered three things: counseling, talking with the Title IX coordinator and determining if they wanted to take a course of action.

Galloway stressed to the audience that her goal was to make all students, male or female, feel accepted when it comes to sexual assault.

“I just wanted to be sure to reach the males specifically because most people believe the stereotype that men cannot be raped or that they are not supposed to say anything,” Galloway said. “I want them to know that’s not true.”

After Flannagan spoke, Galloway introduced two activities for the audience to take part in.

First, students made a postcard and drew a symbol representing what sexual assault meant to them. On the other side of the card, students wrote some ways to prevent sexual assault.

The second activity was to bring people together and take a stand against sexual assault. During this activity, Galloway had everyone sign a poster board that said “Us Too.”

Galloway hopes to be able to establish her “Us Too” movement as an organization on campus that reaches out to other students and colleges.

“I want to impact all students on campus because most of the time college is the first place that people experience some type of sexual assault,” Galloway said.

Galloway stressed to the audience that the organization would be for every student on campus.

“If I can make this an organization, I want students to know it’s not just for victims,” Galloway said. “It’s for anybody who wants to take a stand against sexual assault.”

The Miss Black and Gold Pageant will be held on April 18 at 7:00 p.m.