Students dance away midterm stress at PAC

FMU hosted its first spring formal at the Performing Arts Center from 7-10 p.m. on March 2 as a way to bring students together as the semester comes to an end.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) organized the event, which was open to all FMU students. The formal included finger food and drinks, a photo booth with props and a live DJ. The event had a masquerade theme and was black tie optional.

Junior Joshua Smith, a member of CAB, said the formal was a new project for them that had been in the making all semester. They wanted to offer a prom-like event for students to dance and socialize. Smith said he thought the event was a success and that they would want to host it again.

“The turnout was pretty good,” Smith said. “I think everybody who came out had a good time.”

Senior Johnny Thomas, a biology major, said the event was fun and that he intends to come again in the future.

“I enjoyed that it was black tie optional because it was fun to see a different side of all of my friends and classmates,” Thomas said. “I hope in the future that they will have an event just like this, but I hope they promote it more because it was amazing and I wish more students had come.”

The CAB encouraged students to attend wearing masks that they had made at one of their Grille After Dark events.

Freshman Laura Lafreniere, from Florence Darlington Technical College, attended the event as a plus one.

“I really enjoyed the dance,” Lafreniere said. “It was really well put together and the people were all so nice. I think it’s great to give college students a good reason to dress up and have fun because it doesn’t happen often.”

Junior Jason Desai, a management information system major, said he enjoyed the relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere of the event.

“I would encourage anyone to come out if they have this formal again because life is too short not to get out and dance a little,” Desai said. “I really like that this event is a lot safer of an environment for college students to get out and just have a good time.”

Senior Josiah Cameron, a professional writing major, attended the event because he knew he’d enjoy the easygoing formal atmosphere.

“My girlfriend and I thought it would be a fun way to relax and just take a break from class stress,” Cameron said. “I’m introverted, so my favorite part of this event was being able to sit and enjoy watching the crowd having a great time.”