PIM celebrates God through dance and mime


Photo by: Contributed Photo

Member of Praise in Motion gather for a picture after their concert.

Michelle Carter, Staff Writer

Members of FMU’s Praise in Motion (PIM) dance ministry used dance to express their religious beliefs at their spring concert on April 7 in the Chapman Auditorium of the McNair Science Building.

PIM President Deja McClain asked members to explain what God meant to them, creating the concert’s theme: “God Is.”

Performers expressed the theme by dancing to many different songs. These performances included senior Shaquella Yarbrough’s performance of “Jacob’s Song” by Briana Babineaux; Deja McClain then performed a senior solo to “Greater is Coming” by Jekalyn Carr.

“This semester I was shaken, beaten and pressed,” McClain said. “But I know that all I went through was to get me ready for my future. My ‘greater is coming’ and my destiny is going to be great. I know I’m ready to walk into my season.”

Both McClain and Yarbrough said the solos that they performed were personal to them in many ways.

“When I created my solo, I thought about everything I had been through, and I decided to tell my story through dance,” said Yarbrough. “Everyone has a way of telling their story and I chose dance.”

Senior Tashema Gadsden was present for the PIM spring concert and related to McClain’s solo because of what was happening in her life.

“Things have been tough, but my ‘greater is coming,’” said Gadsden. “During tough times, I didn’t know if there’d be a good outcome.”

McClain said this will be her last spring concert and explained that it was a bittersweet experience.

“PIM has meant so much to me,” McClain said. “It took me from a shy, quiet, unconfident girl, to a woman who’s not afraid to speak my mind and be myself in every aspect of life. I’ve refined my leadership abilities. I’ve learned how to work well under pressure. It’s a family away from family. We’ve been through so much, but we’ve all stood together and got through it together.”