Students showcase their research at RED


Photo by: Angela Acosta

Matthew Bainbridge, an economics major, explains his research on economic integration and GDP.

FMU students presented research they have done in the past year at FMU’s sixth annual Research and Exhibition Day on April 10 in the Lee Nursing Building to showcase their work to the student body and faculty.

Twelve different departments participated, including students majoring in theater, economics, psychology and more. Students presented research in various stages of development, from the beginning of an idea to a completed study.

Megan Haggard, assistant professor of psychology, organized the showcase. She said she enjoyed seeing the hard work throughout the year finally come together.

“I enjoy seeing students getting involved,” Haggard said.

Junior Tyler Davis was one of the students who did research for the event. She examined maternal and infant health in rural South Carolina, and discovered that the lack of access to health care increases infant mortality rates and causes harm to mothers.

Davis said she chose to research this topic because she believes it hasn’t been studied enough. She said her personal experiences helped her research.

“I grew up in a rural community like the counties I focus on in this study,” Davis said. “I believe an issue such as this takes a female to bring it to the forefront and it takes a female to really have that motivation behind it.”

Davis also said the experience helped her move out of the basic classroom style of learning that she was used to.

“Usually, as students, we are used to research papers that just find facts or history and reporting it, tying it together and that’s all,” Davis said. “This experience pushes that process further and opens the floor for us to ask questions, find new answers and have something that is ours.”

Junior Dante Ahquin created a math model to determine if manufacturers should make, buy or repair parts.

“I’m making constraints that match real-world problems,” Ahquin said.

FMU holds Research and Exhibition day each year. To participate, students can apply online.