Students build community and paint goals


Photo by: Angela Acosta

Instructor from Addie’s Baby Paint and Wine Studio demonstrates painting techniques.

FMU’s Campus Activity Board (CAB) hosted their first Paint Night of the semester as part of the Grille After Dark series on Wednesday, Aug. 28 from 6-8 p.m.

Grille After Dark events are held at least twice every month on Wednesdays. The goal of this series is to make sure there is always something for students to take part in and build community with other students.

This event was a continuation of the year-long celebration of FMU’s 50th anniversary.

CAB partnered with Addie’s Baby Paint and Wine Studio to host the painting session.

Owner of Addie’s Baby Paint and Wine Studio, Winter Moore, led the students through the painting session.

“My style is mostly relaxed,” Moore said. “I go in order the steps it would take to complete the design in the easiest way.”

The challenge was to paint FMU’s mascot, Frank the Fox, holding a list of his goals for the year.

To guide the students, the canvases were already traced out and ready to paint.

The students crowded in ready to paint, and had to RSVP beforehand, so there was a limit to how many students could participate.

However, CAB predicted that more students would come out, so they were prepared and able to supply canvases and paint for more than 10 students who didn’t RSVP.

The Paint Night is one of the more popular events in the Grille After Dark series on campus, attracting students from different classifications.

This year, the event attracted over 80 students to come out and participate.

CAB started the Grille After Dark series last fall and had a really good turnout.

CAB executive chair Maitland Weaver, along with other members, attended the paint night and helped set up and pass out supplies.

CAB chose a paint night because of the therapeutic benefits of painting.

“Studying and taking a test can be tough on a college student,” Moore said. “Painting and other artistic pursuits offer an emotional release or outlet for people who struggle with stress, or are having a stressful moment.”

CAB’s goal in hosting these events is to build community among the students.

“We just want students to come out and meet new people and have a good time,” Weaver said.

Resident assistant (RA) Kristen Woodard attended the Paint Night and met three new people.

“I really like how I got to meet new people and I appreciated how there are more events on campus,” Woodard said. “I am definitely coming out to more events.”