Students get involved

FMU student organizations and students gathered together from 1-4 p.m. on Aug. 29 in the Smith University Center (UC) lobby for the annual Campus Activities Fair where organizations looked for new recruits for the current and upcoming semesters.

One of the more popular groups included FMU’s Young, Gifted and Blessed choir (YGB). They did a live presentation of their talents as they sang a few songs, catching the attention of many new prospects.

Jerome L. Moses Jr., chaplain and member of YGB, thought the activities fair was a success and beneficial to both the organizations and students.

“The experience at the activities fair was beyond amazing,” Moses said. “Meeting individuals was a wonderful opportunity for all of the organizations including YGB. They make it all happen. We inspire them, they inspire us, they provide their own knowledge and together we form things.”

Moses also said that being at the fair was a great way for students to get to know more about the various organizations.

“It wouldn’t have done any good to just stand around the table and not be informative for individuals about YGB since I’m a part of the choir,” Moses said. “I had the privilege of communicating with numerous people, and the outcome was always individuals being willing to join the organization. We’re grateful for that.” 

Moses had a lot to say about how involved YGB is involved on and off campus.

“We sing, mingle, have fun, study, fellowship, grow spiritually, travel and so much more,” Moses said. “Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this national award-winning choir?”

Along with his positive experience Moses also had some advice for students looking to join an organization.

“Choose organizations that are compatible with you, so that you’ll be interested in what the organization is all about,” Moses said. “Select organizations that you can be productive in and organizations that are beneficial. Involvement in extra-curricular experiences is one of the most important parts of having a successful college career. You will learn about the institution you attend and develop invaluable skills you will use in your life, during and after your experiences at FMU.”

The activities fair was not just for clubs and organizations. Professor Mary Coleman, assistant professor of music industry and director of voice and choral activities, gave her perspective on this event as she represented the FMU music department.

“Oddly, at some point every semester, I will have a student come to me and say, ‘We have music ensembles?’ or, ‘We have a music department?’” Coleman said. “These questions baffle me, but I guess our department is not as widely known across main campus because many of our music classes are offered at the downtown campus. Therefore, we use the Student Activities Fair to get the word out about the music department here at FMU, as well as all the wonderful ensemble opportunities we offer to any and all students.”

Coleman also shared some encouraging words for any students interested in what the music program has to offer.

“There are more benefits than could ever be outweighed,” Coleman said. “Music is so powerful. A single song can take me back to a memory when I was a child; it can help me run faster, listen harder, think clearer, love more fully, and those are just a few benefits.”