GSA hosts interest, goal is to make students feel heard

FMU’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) hosted an interest meeting in Founders Hall Sept. 18 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. to inform potential new members about their organization and activities on campus.

Elizabeth Gable, a two-year member and GSA public relations officer, said one of their main goals was to make students feel heard.

“Our main goal right now is to create a dialogue between students, staff and administration,” Gable said. “We want students and staff to be able to have open conversations. We believe this can help people’s overall college experience if they are able to feel heard, especially when it concerns things the school may not set as a priority.”

FMU’s GSA currently has 28 members. Devin Gregg, president of GSA, has been a member for a little over three years and has served as an officer for two years.

“GSA is important to me because it allows an outlet for expression and is a great way to interact with others like me, who share similar interests,” Gregg said. “In addition, it allows me the ability to create the community and change I would like to see on campus.”

Along with Gregg, Kaitlyn Harndon has been a member of GSA for three years and is serving her first term as an officer this year. She is currently the GSA secretary.

While professors Lance Weldy and Sarah Kershner serve as GSA’s faculty advisors, Pamela Rooks, English professor and coordinator of the gender studies program, attended the GSA meeting and often supports the organization.

“GSA is an important organization that encourages and enables members of the FMU community to support one another while learning about and celebrating our differences and similarities,” Rook said.

Previously, GSA has hosted many events on campus. Last year, they hosted “National Coming Out Day,” various celebrations during Pride Week, and a drag show on campus.

This year, GSA has even more events planned. In the spring, they plan to host Pride Tie-Dye again during Pride Week. They also plan to host another LGBT movie night in partnership with the film studies department.

“One of our biggest goals this year is to develop more of an open dialogue on campus and in the community,” Gregg said.

GSA allows members to pay dues in order to get priority seating at events, order t-shirts and participate in officer elections. Dues are only $5 and allow GSA to host events on campus and remain an active organization.