Campus wears pink


Photo by: Kaitlyn Luna

One of the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons that were passed out by the Diplomats.

The FMU Diplomats hosted a Pink Out Day from 9 a.m. – 1p.m. on Oct. 30 in front of Founders Hall (FH) to raise breast cancer awareness across campus and promote their annual Halloween party, Carnevil.

The Diplomats had a tent and board set up and stopped passing students to sign and hang a piece of paper that said they were committed to being aware of the risks of breast cancer and its widespread impact.

They also passed out pink ribbons, the symbol for breast cancer awareness. Diplomat president Cheyenne Sconzo said she wanted to increase awareness and support in October across campus.

“It’s already breast cancer awareness month,” Sconzo said. “I know only the Greek sororities and fraternities are doing events for breast cancer awareness, so we wanted to bring it to some different organizations on campus. We’re one of those organizations.”

They also used this event to promote their Halloween party, Carnevil. Each year, hundreds of students head to the University Center to celebrate Halloween with the Diplomats. They passed out flyers for Carnevil along with the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons.

Tristan Shird, a member of the Diplomats, said he believes events like this are important for maintaining organizations and building relationships at FMU.

“We get to know new people,” Shird said. “We get to interact with people we don’t know, have fun and make new friends and relationships.”

Diplomat Brea Jackson said she  believes events, such as the Pink Out Day, promote the Diplomats’ mission of volunteerism by spreading awareness with word-of-mouth.

“Our organization is all about volunteer work,” Jackson said. “This gets the word out about us and breast cancer awareness at the same time. We’re volunteering to put this stuff up, hang this stuff around and give out breast cancer ribbons. It’s good for us and it’s for a good cause.”