Golden mixer for FMU’s golden anniversary

Charday Sparks, Staff Writer

FMU’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the Golden Mixer at 7 p.m. on Jan. 28 in the University Center (UC) to get students prepared for Homecoming.

Unlike events from previous years, the Golden Mixer included refreshments, a DJ, dance floor, plenty of board games to choose from, ping pong and a painting class.

Ranasia Green, a member of SGA and the Homecoming Committee, said they wanted to change things up this year.

“This year we wanted to reach all of campus,” Green said. “Not just the hype crowd we usually attract when we host dance parties.”

Justin Addison, also a member of SGA and the Homecoming Committee, said their approach this year was to bring people together.

“I think that the route we’re taking this year will really bring a sense of community to this campus,” said Addison. “Usually with the dance parties you come and hang out with friends you already know; this method allows you to meet new people.”

The UC was full of students huddled around tables playing Uno and Monopoly.

On the other side of the UC, ping pong matches went on throughout the night, but there was one event that was really popular and they could not keep up with the number of participants: painting.

The painting class was led by Hailey Reed, a junior political science major. Reed offered to instruct students or allow them to try their hand at freestyle painting. This proved to be one of the more popular activities of the night. Reed ran out of canvases quickly as people poured into the class looking for seats.

Many attendees opted for the instructed painting session which was a sunset with tree silhouettes.

Several participants, like freshman Amyah Wilder, took a liking to the class and had personal connections with their experiences.

“I found out about the event from Facebook and thought it would be a good way to meet new people, have some fun and a new way to expose myself to new things,” Wilder said.

Wilder said she took the painting class seriously because painting runs in her family.

“My mother paints and I wanted to experience what she loves to do so much,” Wilder said. “The best part was what we painted. I loved the silhouette trees; they were easy to paint but looked so pretty.”

Wilder, along with many other participants, spent the entire event painting.