Campus ministry hosts God Belongs on my Campus

FMU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) hosted a “God Belongs on My Campus” event at 7 p.m. on March 3 in the Chapman Auditorium.

BCM students invited Monet Heyward, an FMU alumni, and her siblings to perform praise and worship music before the message.

Morgan Peoples, a senior biology major, stood alongside and performed with the band.

Guest speaker Chris Dew, from Chris Dew Ministries, delivered the message to the audience.

Dew talked to students about the death of basketball star Kobe Bryant and how it made him question what happens after death.

“I thought it was so interesting how the whole earth paused for a minute when they found out he was dead,” Dew said. “‘What happens to him now?’”

Dew asked the students how they were going to spend eternity and gave them three points of advice.

Dew’s first point stated that eternity is a reality.

“We are all going to spend eternity in one place or another,” Dew said. “It’s something nobody ever wants to talk about.”

Dew shared with the students how he was a drug addict at a young age because he thought that the drugs would fill the void he felt in his soul.

“I just had this hole in my soul since I was a small kid,” Dew said. “I couldn’t understand why it was there and it was just this emptiness I could not scratch.”

Dew’s second point was that eternity is irreversible.

“There are no changing sides once you pass away from earth,” Dew said.

Dew challenged the audience to think about how they were going to spend eternity.

The last point Dew told the students was that eternity was also an opportunity.

Campus minister Kendal Danford was proud of the students who worked hard to put the event together.

Danford said the event was inspired by a song called “God Belongs in My City.”

“We kind of took that song and changed it to fit our campus and made it our own,” Danford said. “We do believe that God belongs here and even though there are restrictions, ultimately, God belongs here.”

As students left, they were given T-shirts that said “God Belongs on My Campus” and Bibles to take with them.