Grille After Dark hosts “Stars Edition” for CMF Finale


Photo by: Elodi Breg

Alex McGill and Maitland Weaver decorate stars.

FMU held “Grille After Dark – Stars Edition” from 6-8 p.m. on Feb. 19 at the Grille to bring students together with music and crafts and celebrate the finale of Campus Movie Fest.

Katrina Wilson, night shift supervisor at the Grill, said she enjoyed having students in the Grille for the event because it brightens the whole place up.

“I think it’s great for the students,” Wilson said. “We all really enjoy having them here and looking out and watching them having a good time. I think it’s a great opportunity for the students. I can’t really recall how many of these events I have seen but when they are here it’s a joy. Students really seem to enjoy them.”

Ivan Henderson, a senior industrial engineer major and a student athlete, said he enjoys having a fun way to relax after track and field practice.

“I saw some of the online flyers, I guess from the Patriot Minute, and I thought I’d come to one of the events,” Henderson said. “I heard from students that it was a good time and I wanted a break from my usual routine. I think it’s important for the university to host these events in the evening because I am extremely busy as a student athlete, so I am happy to have the opportunity to have a fun way to spend my evening.’’

Henderson said he liked how the event was integrated with other events on campus.

“I enjoy being able to spend time with other students doing a small activity besides homework for a change and even network with people,” Henderson said. “I liked the theme they had today and I’d like to see what they have in the future. I think that since it’s the 50th anniversary for the university, I would like to see more themes that are centered around that.”

Delonte Hough, a junior middle education major, said he enjoys interacting with students outside of his major.

“I like seeing a variety of students,” Hough said. “Being able to see some other people, such as nursing majors and political science majors, classifications that I haven’t seen since freshman year, is pretty neat. I think it’s important that FMU has this event because lately with the heavy focus of heavier topics like mental health and support systems, I think these low-key events and activities help people build a support system and community. So if you are having a bad day or you need a friend, maybe you have made a friend at a Grille After Dark and really make a connection because of it.”

McCrae Jones, a senior industrial engineer major, said he enjoys doing something relaxing at the end of a long day.

“I really enjoy the Grill After Dark,” Jones said. “I love arts and crafts, and I think we should fund the arts more. They should have more events like this.”

The next Grille After Dark will be from 6-8 p.m. on March 25 in the Grille.