SGA creates new cabinet; swears in senators

Kei'yona Jordon, Copy Editor

FMU’s Student Government Association (SGA) approved a bill in its first session that will establish the SGA’s first-ever President’s Cabinet as well as swearing in new senators.

According to SGA president Tymoshio Robinson, the bill will go into effect immediately.

Robinson told the senators they represent the student body at large, but can’t always speak for all the students.

“Not always are we privy to the concerns of our fellow patriots, or to their suggestions, or do we have representation of all facets and communities within the FMU senate population,” said Robinson.

Establishing the President’s Cabinet will give SGA a better way of being able to cater to the needs of the students.

“It will give us that diversity,” Robinson said. “And give us that broadened insight in the senate community that we need.”

Robinson wanted to expand the different views and ideas that are brought to the senate.

“I think it will be good to diversify the Student Government Association,” Robinson said. “And not diversity in terms of race, but in terms of thinking, our horizon on campus and what we represent on campus.”

Robinson said that doing this would only yield positive results for SGA.

As the senators moved into a period for debate, the majority of senators were in agreement with the bill.

Senator Jada Bell spoke in favor of the bill.

“I think that the President’s Cabinet is going to be a good way to get other students on campus involved and to hear other people’s point of view,” Bell said.

Robinson said he hopes the initiation of the President’s Cabinet will go far beyond his presidency.

According to Bill 101, the members of the cabinet will serve as an advisory board to the president, dealing with matters of student concerns, engagements and recommendations.