CAB hosts auditions for FMU’s Got Talent

The FMU’s Got Talent auditions took place from 5-7 p.m. on Sept. 21 at the Chapman Auditorium.

FMU’s Got Talent is a talent show where students can perform their talents in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

FMU’S Got Talent will still take place this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Student safety is the Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) top priority.

Students will be able to watch the rounds and perform in-person under additional safety guidelines. Students must wear masks at all times, while the contestants will also wear masks except for when they are performing. Contestants will stay in the middle of the stage, and the first few rows of seating have been closed off. Chapman Auditorium has been set up for social distancing, and attendance has been limited to half-capacity. The event is also being live-streamed for the first time in its three-year history.

The judges this year have yet to be determined. Unlike other talent shows, the judges do not decide which contestants advance to the next round. Votes from the audience members, whether in-person or online, decide who advances. Judges will provide the contestants with feedback on their performance. In previous years, judges had the Golden Buzzer, which instantly sent a contestant to the next round. CAB is still determining whether the Golden Buzzer will be used this year.

There will still be four rounds this year, two this fall and two next semester. CAB has plans in place for the rounds to still be held in case FMU goes online due to COVID-19.

FMU’s Got Talent has been a highlight in previous years, and CAB said it was happy to bring it back this year.

Alex McGill, student life coordinator for student engagement, was instrumental in creating the FMU’s Got Talent event along with CAB. She loves to see shy students break out of their shell and shine on stage.

“It amazes me to see how much talent our students have,” McGill said.

Isiah Carroway, a freshman computer science major, is one such student. The talent he showcased was playing the saxophone. He played “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys and said he was excited to continue on to the next round.

“It all started in fourth grade, when I started playing recorder,” Carroway said. “My music teacher told me I had the lips for a saxophone. Then, I joined in sixth grade, and it just kind of came to me naturally.”

Leah Brazell, a freshman accounting major, sang “Bounty” by Christina Aguilera for her audition. Brazell said she has been singing since childhood.

“I started chorus in sixth grade, and I’ve been obsessed with singing ever since,” said Brazell.

Sophomore nursing major Asia Senhouse competed in last year’s FMU’s Got Talent with her dance group. This year, she is singing solo. Senhouse said she started singing in middle school.

“I was supposed to be in band, but they put me in chorus instead, and I found I like singing better than playing an instrument,” Senhouse said.

The next round of FMU’s Got Talent will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Sept. 30 at the Chapman Auditorium.