Movie night at the UC

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted another movie from 7-9 p.m. on Sept. 24 outside the Smith University Center (UC)..

CAB originally hosted a drive-in movie night but had some technical difficulties, so they changed it to a movie on the lawn instead.

To accommodate the chance of heavy rainfall, CAB moved the big screen to the front steps of the UC. Students brought their towels and blankets and spread out on the steps and deck of the UC.

CAB said they wanted to do whatever it would take to keep the students happy.

“Students had really been looking forward to it and we got a lot of activity on our social media about it,” said student life specialist Alex McGill. “So we didn’t want to cancel it.”

CAB played the movie “Now You See Me” and handed out candy to everyone who wanted some.

“We chose this movie because it was light-hearted,” McGill said. “It’s not childish, but it’s not doom, gloom, murder and apocalypse.”

McGill said they wanted to keep hosting events so students wouldn’t be bored.

“We’re trying to stay consistent and keep events going,” McGill said.

With the COVID-19 restrictions limiting the type of events they can host, CAB decided that hosting a movie night would be the safest option.

Students said they were eager to get out their rooms and be around other people.

Junior accounting major Nyquera Chisholm said that attending the event was a great way to socialize and enjoy the movie.

“For some reason, watching movies outside when the sky is getting dark and you’re sitting on top of your blanket eating snacks is much more fun than watching a movie in the room by yourself,” Chisholm said.

Dominique Scott, a senior health administration major, said he appreciated CAB making sure they had things to do during the week that could relax them.

“I’m thankful that they put these events on, and obviously everyone else is because they stayed even after the rain,” Scott said. “It was a great way to relax and come down from a full day.”

CAB was surprised at how many students came to see the movie despite it being changed and moved twice.

More than 50 students came out. Not all of them stayed when it began to rain, but more than half of them remained.

“We had, like, three people come out,” McGill said. “And so I thought that would be it, but people kept coming and people even stayed during the rain.”

With movie theaters closed down because of the pandemic, CAB said they wanted to bring back a sense of normalcy to the students.

“It’s fun, it’s safe and it’s a good time,” McGill said. “And I think people miss going to the movies.”

McGill said it was important for CAB to keep hosting events for the FMU community, especially during these times.

“There is just a lot going on,” McGill said. “Students have so much on their plates and I worry about every student, but especially freshman. That human connection is so important.”