FMU hosts its third annual FM A’Glow

Participants drive through campus to see sights


Photo by: Elodi Breg

Sightseers drive through FM A’Glow to see the spooky decorations created by students and organizations.

Starting at dusk, FMU held its third annual FM  A’Glow on Oct. 24 throughout campus. A bit different this year due to COVID-19 regulations, the event was held as a drive through rather than a walk through.

Different student organizations from campus as well as individual groups were allowed to register to set up a site to display their pumpkins. All of the sites had hay bales, where students decorated them with up to eight free pumpkins and all the groups had until 5 p.m. on Saturday to create their sites and be ready for the drive through. Registered groups all competed for different awards based on costumes, pumpkins and their physical sites, such as scariest site, most creative pumpkin and best costume.

Hayli Keith, a senior health care administration and vice president of the ZTA sorority, helped set up pumpkins for both groups’ sites. She is no stranger to FM A’Glow, as her sorority participates every year and she is in many student groups, and despite the differences, she still enjoyed it immensely.

“As a senior, I remember the past couple years of FM A’Glow, but actually enjoyed the drive through version more,” Keith said. “My friend group and I enjoyed it so much that we actually drove through it twice.”

According to Keith, it was more animated this year and the festivities were more interactive.

“Everyone had such cute and creative displays, and people seemed way more into it than in prior years,” Keith said.

Another group that participated was the Patriot women’s softball team. In a site organized by the team, athletes spent the latter half of the week acquiring, carving and painting pumpkins to display. They set up their site and stayed throughout the night, social distancing and interacting with the participants.

Addie May, a junior nursing student and women’s softball player, participated in the event and contributed “Finding Nemo” themed pumpkins to her site. She said she loved the event and getting to hang out with her team in a fun Halloween setting.

“It was a good time for us to enjoy the season and festivities together—but safely because of COVID-19, of course—and still reach out to the community,” May said.

As it was a drive-through event, students were able to hop in their cars and slowly wind through campus to witness the sites, people and pumpkins.

Aleah Smalls, a junior psychology major, said she drove through the event intending to enjoy some spooky season fun.

“I enjoyed it overall,” Smalls said. “I always look forward to this time of year to see what FMU has in store during Halloween.”

Smalls said because of the experience as a whole, especially the visuals and the safety precautions taken, she is already excited for next year’s FM’Aglow.

“It was fun and safe, and I enjoyed myself every moment and can’t wait to see what happens next year,” Smalls said.

Even with the pandemic and the regulations that come with it, FM A’Glow was able to maintain its usual flair and promote fun and friendly competition this Halloween.

“I think FMU did a great job with this event, especially since events have been limited due to COVID-19 regulations,” Keith said.

Some of the men’s soccer team also attended. A native of Spain, Javier Bello, a junior business administration major and a forward in the FMU men’s soccer team, had a good time and liked the experience of a Halloween event.

“With how they talked to us and treated us, it was a good, positive movement,” Bello said. “It was my first time doing stuff like that because in my own country it is not common. We really enjoyed it.”

With FM A’Glow kicking off the Halloween festivities here at FMU, Student Life and other organizations also hosted other holiday-themed events before the end of October.