3 FMU baseball players suspended in hazing incident

Three former FMU baseball players were charged with hazing after an off-campus incident that took place at Patriot Place on Feb. 5.

According to a police report, Jon Carter, 21, David Magnum, 21, and Noah Jones, 21, were involved in an altercation that resulted in them being charged with hazing. Three underclassmen baseball players were struck for the purpose of initiation, leaving one of them with a broken jaw.

The police report also mentioned that there were drinks involved the night of the incident. According to a student, athletes were throwing a party on the night of the incident.

On Feb. 6, Carter, Magnum and Jones were released from the Florence County Detention center on a $1,000 bond. Their court dates are set for April 29.

Along with all the other athletes, Carter, Jones and Magnum are supposed to review the policies for athlete behavior and conduct and sign a contract at the end, acknowledging their understanding of the policies and consequences for misconduct.

The university released a statement saying that the university did not condone the alleged actions. Carter, Jones and Magnum were suspended from the baseball team and the university pending the outcome of these charges.

FMU President Fred Carter declined to give a statement due to the investigation being ongoing.