President’s Bowl begins


Photo by: Elodi Breg

Student Life hosts the first round of the President’s Bowl.

The first round of the President’s Bowl happened at 6 p.m. on March 2 in the Smith University Center lobby with a total of four matches. Each match included three rounds with toss-up questions and key questions.

The first match of the event was the “FMU Honors” versus “The Tekes.” The members of the “FMU Honors” team were Ryan Johnson, Mary Bey and Garrett Swanson. The members of “The Tekes” team were Benjamin Rivers, Abhay Patel and Jacob Erickson. Before halftime, the scores were 45-30 with “FMU Honors” having the lead by 15 points. After halftime, the teams were very close, with “FMU Honors” winning against “The Tekes” by five points with the ending score being 80-75.

The second match of the round was “Phi Alpha Theta” versus the “Pyramid Schemers.” The members of “Phi Alpha Theta” were James McCarley, Joey Mabbutt and Chelsea Anderson. The members of the “Pyramid Schemers” are James Gaskins, Jacob Bellington and Chelsea Davis. Before halftime, the score was 10-60 in favor of the “Pyramid Schemers.” After halftime, the “Pyramid Schemers” won by 95 points with a score of 125 compared to “Phi Alpha Theta” with a score of 30.

The third match of the round was the “Math Club” versus “The Six Sigmas.” The members of the “Math Club” were Tyler Pearson, Steven Barnes and Roland Vu. The members of “The Six Sigmas’’ were Adam Lane, Martin Perez, Karla Rico, Chase Lynch, Bryce Chavis and Kolby Benton. Before halftime, the teams were at a score of 10-25 with “The Six Sigmas” taking the lead. After halftime, the scores were very close with the “Math Club” losing by just five points with a score of 45-50.

The last match of the night was “Active Minds” versus “Amine Dream Team.” The members on “Active Minds” were Tristan Shird, Hailey Reed and Kylie Coward. The members on “Amine Dream Team” were Demetri McCall, Andrew Powell, Rhiannon Van Denmark, David Conti and Landon Hardee.