Student social to start off new year

Julia Fulmer, Co-Editor

After the first day of fall classes, students retired to the Smith University Center (UC) Commons for the “Mega Mingle” event, a night full of games, cotton candy and bustling conversation.

After starting at 6 p.m. on Aug. 24, the event served to kick off the new semester and help welcome those who recently joined the university, stimulating new connections within the campus community.

Jayla Frieson, Vice-Chair of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and junior theater design technology major, said the event originated as a cooperative effort between Student Life and CAB. Eventually, Student life handed it off to the student-run organization to morph into their vision.

“We really didn’t know that this was going to become our event,” Frieson said. “But when we knew it was ours, we just took it in our hands and said, ‘Okay, let’s do games, karaoke—stuff that people like’—and that’s what we did. The turnout is amazing.”

Amongst the ping pong matches, putt-putt greens and corn holes, one of the more notable aspects of the event was the open mic karaoke. Between the other participants in karaoke, Frieson performed ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus, with help from friends.

“I didn’t even care how I sounded,” Frieson said. “I just was like, ‘Look, I’m trying to make you guys have fun, so let’s have fun.’ Just seeing everybody having a good time was the best part. I love people, and I love seeing them enjoy themselves.

Andrew Brain, a freshman mass communications major, said he came to the event to meet new people, but he soon found himself enthralled in an intense and lengthy game of UNO.

“Even in just that one game of UNO, there were a lot of laughs in it,” Brain said. “It’s good to just have a small group of people and get to joke around and play with.”

Brain said he enjoys the relaxed environment events provide because they allow for easy connections with peers.

“It helps build a community and the spirit around campus,” Brain said. “You just see a table with someone sitting there, and you sit down and just go like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ It makes it a lot easier to meet people and just have fun.”

FMU alumna Elizabeth Floyd said she heard about the event from a current student and was excited about returning to campus.

“I really like these events because I get a good excuse to come see some of my close friends, who are underclassmen, without feeling like I’m interrupting their busy schedule,” Floyd said. “It’s just the perfect time to come together and have some laughs. FMU will always be like my home away from home, and it’s always fun to visit.”

CAB encourages students to be on the lookout for their upcoming events through the FMU calendar. In addition to this, the organization also has an Instagram page, @fmu_cab, and a

Snapchat account @fmucab17.