Students get the scoop on FMU police

Chanelle Hanberry, Staff Writer

Campus police spoke with students about their mission and plans for this semester at 3 p.m. on August 30 in the University Center Commons (UC).

Chief of police Donald Tarbell said, “We enjoy what we do, and that is keeping you all safe.” The campus police mission statement is to “keep our campus safe.” The campus police station is always open and willing to help, whether student or staff. They provide services, such as safety escorts, automobile lock-out and jumpstarts, temporary vehicle registration and much more. Sergeant Tracey Tolson and Officer Daniel Carmichael also offer CPR lessons to students on campus. Recently, Tolson and Carmichael taught a group of Resident Assistants on campus CPR lessons.

Campus police also help with graduation, campus move-in, Resident Assistant Fire Safety, and the “Think Before You Drink Alcohol Awareness” program. The campus police are always available and will try to help you with anything that they can.

Freshman biology major Jaiden Dunigan said, “ I learned that they are actually here for you, and they are not just here for work. They actually want to help you.”

One of campus police goals is to bring people together in a safe community.

“We are an important part of the community because we keep it safe, and we make sure that you guys have a good safe environment,” said Lieutenant Christopher Moore. Campus police hope to build a community by developing relationships with students and student organizations. They encourage students to wave and speak to them because they want to establish those relationships with everyone. They attend events on campus to socialize and let others know they are there, watching and ensuring the safety of the on-campus community. Developing relationships with the officers helps them to get to know you personally as well as create friendships that could last a lifetime.

Freshman nursing major Chastity Lubang said, “I learned that the officers here are pretty friendly, and they want to build relationships with you.”

The purpose of the “Get The Scoop” event was for students to get to know their campus police. New students coming to campus from afar may not be aware of their campus police officers, which is why the officers thought inviting students to an event with ice cream would help them become more comfortable. They hoped this would ring true not only with their campus but also with their community, including the campus police.

As everyone ate ice cream at the end of the presentation, they spoke with some of the officers, getting to know them more as students also learned more about one another. The Campus Police Station lies between LSF (Leatherman Science Facility) and the James A. Rogers Library parking lot.

If you ever need Campus Police, call: (843)-661-1109.