Pi Kappa Alpha Returns to FMU


Photo by: Logan Zeis

Members of Pi Kappa Alpha gathered to celebrate the reinstatement of the fraternity after a 15-year ban.

The fraternity of Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) was officially reinstated at FMU through an installation and initiation over the weekend of Jan. 14. 

According to students, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the Theta Delta chapter’s return to campus after a 15-year ban from FMU and a two-year charter process.  

“This is an incredible accomplishment by the young men of the chapter and one that has the potential to impact future generations at FMU,” alumni advisor, Robby Sisco, said. “As much as we are excited to celebrate the return of Pi Kappa Alpha, we now have an even greater responsibility to sustain and grow it.” 

As the chapter begins their first semester back on campus, they look at the past to help them with the future of the Theta Delta chapter.  

“History provides the opportunity to benefit from the experiences,” Sisco said. 

As a chapter used to having anywhere between 30-60 members, being the best is something the Theta Delta chapter will strive for.  

While talking to Luis Sanchez, the president of PIKE, he stated that he was very excited to be back on campus with the fellow 26 members that are in the fraternity following a difficult installment process. Since PIKE got back on Campus in 2019, they have gone through a very difficult process called the Petition to Charter, or PTC.  

“The PTC needed to be done, and it’s basically a long book that we wrote as a fraternity and we used other school’s PTCs as references to help us get through the process of writing,” Sanchez said. “But I’m ultimately glad that the process is over and Theta Delta is back.” 

Now it is all about giving back to the school and the community for the chapter. Ever since the fraternity was founded in March 1868 at the University of Virginia, the fraternity’s mission was based on giving back to the community. Since their return to campus, PIKE has already taken on several community service projects. 

“Giving back to the community is just part of who we are, and the challenge will be to prioritize what we want to do,” Sisco said.  

One of the community service projects they have done while they were a colony was building a garden for the kids at the James F. Reames Academy in Florence, South Carolina. 

PIKE is big into is Philanthropy. The two nonprofit organizations that the Theta Delta chapter has focused on is Wounded Warriors of America and the Til Valhalla Project. To give back to the organizations and the people they serve, PIKE does annual events to raise money for the organizations causes.  

After their long absence, the expectations and opportunities are greater than ever. 

“The future is bright and full of tremendous opportunities,” Sisco said. “It is up to us, and I mean active chapter brothers and alumni.” 

Now if there is a quote that rests with all PIKEs, it is that “…the destiny of Pi Kappa Alpha rests today with thee.”