Stark’s Selection: “The Vow” Explores the Power of Love

Veronica Stark, Assistant Editor

“The Vow” is a heart-warming story of a married couple who are deeply in love, but their marriage is put to the test when the wife loses her memory due to a terrible accident.

This story is based off of the true events of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The actors who play the role of the married couple are Channing Tatum (Leo) and Rachel McAdams (Paige).

A line that was often narrated throughout the movie was, “Moments of impact define who we are.” What if all of those moments that impacted your life suddenly disappeared? This story is about love and serendipity. If it’s meant to be, will it last?

When Paige wakes up in the hospital after her devastating accident, she can’t remember who her husband is.

She initially thinks her husband is her doctor. Now, the only thing that she is sure of is her immediate family. This is a shock, because she hasn’t spoken to them for years but does not remember why.

The only recollection of a possible husband is her ex-fiancé, because in her mind, he is her current fiancé.

Leo tries to overcome her loss of memory and win back her love while ultimately saving their marriage.

When Paige finally looks at herself, she doesn’t recognize who she has become. She is now a vegetarian and an artistic sculptor with a tattoo.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when she finally realizes she has a tattoo and expresses a look of shock and says, “My mom’s going to kill me.”

Throughout the movie, it’s difficult not to be rooting for their relationship to last because the producer did a fantastic job developing the personalities of the couple. They are quirky, crazy in love, and have an original human aspect that allows the audience to relate.

A part in the movie that was original and showed how well the actors worked together was when Leo took her out to the place where they had their first date. While they were eating chocolates, a piece of chocolate came out of her mouth and fell on her hair.

I could tell this was not in the script but how the actors acted together and played it off made the entire audience laugh.

Before watching “The Vow,” I had great expectations for it and couldn’t wait for it to come out in theaters. My only hesitation was that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too serious.“The Vow” definitely exceeded my expectations because it had a mix of both comedy and romance while being a realistic drama at the same time. This movie has something for everybody.

The end of “The Vow” was good but left me hanging and wanting more. Overall, it had great quality and developing of characters. I couldn’t picture anyone else being Leo and Jane. Tatum and McAdams captured my heart, and I felt like I knew the couple.