Thoughts on Ariel Castro

Melanie Mitchell, Editor in Chief

Despite all the wrong that he did, it’s saddening to know that some people are rejoicing over
Ariel Castro’s jailhouse suicide.
Castro was indicted on charges of kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder on May 6 after
three missing women and one child were rescued from Castro’s house in Cleveland, Ohio.  The
three women, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry had been missing from the
Cleveland area for an estimated 10 years.  While in captivity, Berry delivered a child, who was
six years old at the time of her rescue. She was fathered by Castro. The charges of aggravated
murder stem from Castro’s terminating the pregnancy of one of the women while she was held
To me, the entire story is so tragic and unsettling.  Castro appeared to be the average person
to the rest of society, yet he was actually a kidnapper, murderer and rapist.  One memorable
interview came from neighbor Charles Ramsey.  Ramsey said Castro seemed a “normal guy,”
and he revealed that he would sometimes socialize with Castro.
I imagine it must be especially troubling for Ramsey, who was the unsuspecting neighbor
who helped Berry escape from the house and then led the rest to freedom.
Now, to the entire nation, it’s clear that Castro was not a “normal guy,” but one who had
done unimaginable things that hurt many of people.   I read many online news stories on this
matter and was unpleased to see so many comments expressing the public’s satisfaction that
Castro had hanged himself after one month in prison.
Regardless of your opinions of Castro and the recent news of his passing, I think the focus
should be on the strong women that survived.  My thoughts are with the women that endured
what was literally a living hell for so many years.  I can only hope Berry, DeJesus, Knight and that young girl will find peace and be able to move on from what was a very difficult time in
their lives.